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ER2160-10 is a silicon carbide filled, room temperature curing surface coat used to produce an abrasion
resistant surface. When used with ER2165-11 as a base coat, as ER2160-10 erodes,ER2165-11 becomes
visible indicating that the part is still protected but needs to be reworked. The ER2160-10 Series is a creamy consistency, which makes it easy to apply without sag or run off on vertical surfaces and over sharp radii. When choosing any surface coat, consideration should be given to tool size, configuration, build method, and final use. Surface coat thickness of 0.030" is considered average for room temperature applications. Typical applications for the ER2160-10 Series include pump casings, volutes, bins, silos, impellers and blades.

Cure Method
Room Temperature
Improved version of ER2160 Series with greater non-sag on vertical surfaces
Gel Time
100 Minutes
Mix Ratio
100:14.5 by Weight
Specific Gravity
Application Category
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